After the tremendous success of Guykoden and his boy pilot Timmy, the Child Robot Initiative Project (CRIP) is established. Putting promising young children in command of giant destructive robots. Not a good idea. When 9-year-old Jonathan Strong, piloting KeiKhan 7, throws a tantrum that kills thousands, CRIP is quickly shut down. Not willing to give up their tremendous power, many of the child pilots go rogue. Guykoden and his now older and cynical pilot Timarius Truth are called out of retirement to retrieve the mechas.

To make things worse, the war mongering Leacherians have set their sights on Earth. Intending to "devour their brains and lay eggs in their hollowed skulls," the Leacherians see Earth as one big nursery.

And who is the indestructible God robot Gorelion? Bestowed with the knowledge of a million worlds and sent back to the dawn of time to serve as God. Is he really the savior of the universe?

Find out what happens in the epic saga that is Gigantic Mecha Guykoden.

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